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Time To Integrate Law Abiding Venezuelan Migrants

I therefore call upon the Rowley government :

1. To relieve the suffering of Venezuelan migrants and their children and allow those who are law abiding and contributing to our economy to be fully integrated into our society.

2. To regularize all those who hold migrant cards and have no police record.

3. To allow all Venezuelan children to attend our public schools to educate themselves so that they may become useful citizens. My call for these migrant Venezuelan children to be allowed a formal education is premised on the realities that migrant children will now become de facto naturalized citizens of this country by virtue of being raised here. It is fair to assume that these migrant children, being raised in Trinidad, will not necessarily easily acclimatize to Venezuela, and therefore become a part of our society.

4. To allow Venezuelan migrant card holders to be allowed to apply for drivers permits

5. To allow part of our medical staff to be trained in basic Spanish so that they can receive proper attention at our national health facilities and allow them to access all medical care.

6. To allow Venezuelan migrants to pay all applicable taxes as Trinidad and Tobago citizens and to begin contributing to the NIS.

The time has come for us to treat all of our brothers and sisters who have come here from Venezuela like fellow human beings deserving of respect and equal opportunity.


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