OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE UNITED NATIONAL CONGRESS, The Official Opposition In The Republic Of Trinidad And Tobago.


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The UNC will invest in infrastructure development to improve the country’s transportation network, including the construction of new highways and the expansion of public transportation.

Moving Forward Together

The UNC has a comprehensive plan to improve the infrastructure in Trinidad and Tobago. Our plan includes developing a national infrastructure plan that focuses on improving roads, bridges, ports, and airports. We will also increase investment in public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and improve connectivity. In addition, the UNC will promote the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar, to reduce our carbon footprint and increase energy independence. We also recognize the importance of digital transformation and plan to expand broadband internet access across the country to improve connectivity. Finally, the UNC will invest in water and sanitation systems to ensure access to clean water and improve public health. By implementing these measures, we aim to create a more sustainable, connected, and prosperous future for Trinidad and Tobago.

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