OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE UNITED NATIONAL CONGRESS, The Official Opposition In The Republic Of Trinidad And Tobago.

Culture & Tourism

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Our political party recognizes the significant role that culture and tourism play in promoting economic growth and national identity. Our policies aim to preserve and promote Trinidad and Tobago’s rich cultural heritage, while also developing a vibrant tourism industry that benefits both visitors and locals.

UNC's Vision for a Thriving Tourism Industry!

The UNC believes that tourism has the potential to be a significant driver of economic growth in Trinidad and Tobago. As such, we are committed to promoting the country as a premier tourist destination and developing world-class tourism infrastructure that offers a high-quality visitor experience and creates jobs for locals. At the same time, we recognize the importance of preserving our natural environment and cultural heritage, and we will encourage sustainable tourism practices that minimize our impact on the environment. Through targeted marketing campaigns and investment in tourism training and education programs, we will work to create a thriving and sustainable tourism industry that showcases the unique beauty and culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

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