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The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Stands With The UNC Constitution

To: All Editors
From: UNC Communications
Date: 25th March 2024


As Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, I speak on behalf of myself and all my UNC Council members in endorsing the statement by the Political Leader, the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, SC, that the UNC is a very strong party with a history of abiding by our constitution.

The political leader has a long track record of upholding our party’s constitution and our democratic ideals as a whole. The issue of internal elections does not arise at this time, because the party is and will be governed by its constitution, as the leader said. Anyone attempting to create distractions on this issue is therefore misguided and engaging in frankly questionable conduct.

In the just concluded local elections under the Leadership of Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar and the guidance of the present National executive, the UNC retained the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation and did so by wrestling away an additional seat from the PNM. This is testimony enough for us in Sangre Grande to unequivocally pledge our continued support for Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar as our Political Leader to take us into the next General Election.

It will be remiss of me not to comment on an article in the Guardian on the 23 March 2024 by the MP for Cumuto/Manzanilla. It is unfortunate that during the 2023 Local Government elections when Sangre Grande Regional Corporation was targeted by the PNM, that MP did not walk one day with any of our Councillors. Since he became MP, he has never met with any of our Council members after numerous calls to meet with him from Council Members. Yet, he speaks about Leadership.

I want to categorically state that he speaks on behalf of himself not on behalf of the people of Cumuto/Manzanilla who continue to stand with our Political Leader.

Sangre Grande, right now, at this juncture, joins our political leader on focusing on the devastating, destructive failures of the Rowley Government. Anyone, therefore, seeking to divert attention from these key national issues, without valid reason, is engaging in total foolishness, not representative of the people’s needs, and engaging in mischief. Therefore, they should be dismissed as irrelevant and obstructionist.

Yours in Service.

Kenwyn Phillip
Sangre Grande Regional Corporation.

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