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MP upset as family robbed after puja

An Opposition Member of Parliament is taking Government to task over the current state of crime and violence in the country, as a Claxton Bay family is robbed by bandits after holding prayers.

“No one is safe anywhere, anytime, as bandits roam our streets looking for easy prey,” said Pointe a Pierre MP, Dr David Lee, in a statement issued today. 

He reiterated his support for the Opposition Leader’s proposed Stand Your Ground legislation, which the Opposition says will help citizens protect their homes and families.

“I am outraged that crime continues to spiral out of control to the point it has caused anguish and trauma to a Claxton Bay family within my constituency, right after they conducted a puja,” he stated. “We have truly lost our way as a nation.  Our way of life has truly been eroded by rampant criminality when a family can fall victim to a heinous attack right after something as sacred as prayer.”

According to MP Lee, “Hard working citizens are being brutalised, demoralised and victimised because the Government continues to blame everyone else while failing to take responsibility.”

He called on the Government to use the $10 billion it intends to borrow for making the country safer from the criminals.

“Use that money to protect citizens. Use that money to improve the national security apparatus,” the Opposition MP urged.

He also made an appeal for “more Police vehicles to ensure more Police Patrols” in his constituency of Pointe a Pierre, as well as “more funding and support for a Police Post.”

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