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Kamla tells smaller parties to stop fighting each other

Kamla tells smaller parties to stop fighting each other

The United National Congress (UNC), which is ready for general elections, will close nominations in mid-April and start screening in May, says UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who’s urged smaller parties to fight the PNM, not each other.

“The time has come for brethren to stop fighting brethren. We have one common enemy, this Government,” Persad-Bissessar added at Monday night’s UNC cottage meeting at Pointe a Pierre.

Members of the Progressive Empowerment Party led by Phillip Alexander attended the meeting.
Persad-Bissessar said, “Tonight, it feels like the election has been called. The Prime Minister has said general elections will be soon. The PNM has been on election footing and the UNC will open nominations and screening in April and May. The general elections campaign is now in full swing. Whenever you call it, Prime Minister, we’re ready.”

She said the UNC must not be caught napping. Saying the UNC is a political vehicle for all, Persad-Bissessar added, “I want to urge smaller parties – please, all energy and fighting spirit should be focused on this wicked Government. The UNC house remains open to all with a shared vision of removing this wicked Government and restoring good governance in our country.”

“Arguing publicly isn’t communication. It’s noise. We do not need noise. We need focus on the soon-to-be election. Can you imagine another term for this Government? Fight the Government, not each other. Your priority should always be the people. We don’t have time to fight anyone except this wicked Government.”

She added, “We must remain laser-focused on the enemy and not each other. Our mission is to win the next general elections and bring about safety and security. If anyone is not with you, they are against you and are surely working with the PNM.”

Claiming Local Government Minister Faris Al-Rawi isn’t speaking as much, Persad-Bissessar quipped that (PEP’s) “Phillip” would find work for him.”

“I’m not so unkind,” she added.

She also called to Alexander when she read the story on the SSA pastor and also said Alexander could help her when she was searching for a word.
Persad-Bissessar warned that there would be all kinds of tactics to damage the UNC “from within and outside.”

“Always remember we must put our rank-and-file supporters first. This isn’t about me promoting the children of the UNC into the Parliament.”

She noted in the 2020 elections, four local representatives were promoted to Parliament.

“I hope to promote more councillors or aldermen in this election. I also promoted our activists and constituency executives – I hope to promote more.”

“The UNC must promote upwards from within. Activists must know they can become councillors, councillors to become MPs and senators. Candidates will be selected on merit, not nepotism. I know who worked, sacrificed, I know who toiled. I know the members, supporters, activists, and Local Government reps who work hard to mobilise for our events and go above and beyond for this party.”

“I know the work is tiring, but if you can’t handle this pace, you will not be able to handle the pace of Government. All rank-and-file members, supporters, activists, and councillors, you’ve toiled for nine years, and we’ve kept together. It’s just a few more months.”

“Your UNC will win the soon-to-be-called general elections. This is your time. Stay united, stay focused, don’t be distracted by those who didn’t work or sacrifice as you did. Don’t be fooled by those who push the big lie that the UNC cannot topple the PNM.”

Persad-Bissessar demanded answers on the identity of the Government official whom the pastor who worked in the SSA said he had secret sensitive information proving the official has underworld links.

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