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The UNC honours all women on International Women’s Day

The United National Congress extends warm greetings to all women on this International Women’s Day 2024.

We recognize the struggles and achievements of women, and we celebrate women’s victories in the field of work and employment, education, and social, political and legal rights.

Women have always been a pillar of society in every sphere of life, from the public to the private, and the UNC believes that women must be duly recognised and honoured for their importance and contribution.

The United National Congress is proud to be led by Trinidad and Tobago’s foremost pioneer in advancing women’s positions in our society, the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, SC.

Kamla Persad-Bissessar has broken more glass ceilings in our society than any other woman in history, and we can say with confidence that she will never be surpassed in this regard. We are extremely proud that she has always done so as a frontline member of the United National Congress.

To remind the population, especially our young people, in 1995, Mrs. Persad-Bissessar broke our country’s first major glass ceiling by being appointed the first woman Attorney-General in Trinidad and Tobago’s history. In 2010, she became the first woman leader of a major political party in Trinidad and Tobago, then the country’s first woman Leader of Opposition, and finally the first woman Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, all in the same year. She later became the first woman Commonwealth Chairperson-in-Office.

It was an incredible set of achievements that inspired and cleared the way for all women in our society, and even beyond.

The UNC is proud to be led by her and another outstanding woman as Deputy Political Leader, Ms. Jearlean John, along with having a vibrant Women’s Arm.

The UNC continues to fight and advocate for the rights and economic and social conditions of women, including their safety, which is in dire risk over the past 9 years. We continue to advocate for the the protection of our women from sexual assault, domestic abuse, home invasions, murder and other violent crimes. We continue to call for the introduction of pepper spray and for the right to own firearms for self-protection.

The UNC remains tireless in our fight for the improvement of the lives of women. We congratulate and honour all the women of Trinidad and Tobago for their essential contribution to our society.

Davendranath Tancoo, MP
United National Congress

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