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UNC: Send Police And Soldiers To Schools

UNC: Send police and soldiers to schools

The United National Congress (UNC) has called for police officers and soldiers to help secure schools in crime-ravaged communities. 

Opposition Senator David Nakhid made the call on behalf of the party when he addressed its weekly press briefing from its headquarters in Chaguanas yesterday morning. 

Referring to the murders in east Port-of-Spain last week of 50-year-old Amoa Howe, who was shot dead outside the Gloster Lodge Moravian Primary School, and 12-year-old Ezekiel Paria, who was shot in his head by a stray bullet while riding his bicycle near his Laventille home, Nakhid called for the intervention of members of the protective services. 

“Children cannot continue to be traumatized. Whether you deploy some of the army or whether you deploy our police, we are calling for an immediate deployment in those areas to protect our children,” he said.

“Our children cannot keep getting gunned down every day. It is impossible,” he added. 

Nakhid also called on the Government to take steps to “starve” gangs of their human resource. 

“You have to target. You have to surgically go into the communities and put programs so people can have an alternative to picking up a gun and can find a job,” he said. 

Nakhid suggested that Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar had been unfairly criticized for her “empty the clip” comments while speaking on home invasions as the party had put forward comprehensive proposals for addressing crime during its recent town hall meetings. 

“People focused on emptying the clip but it was bigger than that. It (the proposals) were heavy and iron-fisted but it was based on social programs,” Nakhid said, as he warned that crime would continue unless poverty is addressed. 

He also took aim at Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, who attended Guyana’s Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo last week, accusing him of failing to show compassion for victims of crime by visiting some of them. 

“He is not only an absentee, he has absconded,” Nakhid declared. 

The Opposition Senator also called for trade unions and NGOs aligned to high crime areas to break their silence on the country’s crime situation. 

“I am calling on all these committees and their figureheads, who like to have one event a year so we can play African for a day, I am calling on you all to start to hold them to account,” he said. 

Chaguanas East Vandana Mohit, who also spoke at the news conference reiterated calls made by Persad-Bissessar for a “children of crime fund” to be established to assist children who lost parents due to murder. 

“This should be directed at those children who are vulnerable and may have fallen through the cracks,” she said. 

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