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Tancoo – Failing government destroying T&T lives, business and international reputation!

To: All Editors
From: Mr. Davendranath Tan
coo, MP Oropouche West
Date: 10th January, 2024

With words like murder, manslaughter and homicide having less and less importance to the Rowley-led Government, Oropouche West MP Dave Tancoo says that crime, in particular serious crime, is costing Trinidad and Tobago both our international reputation as well as ongoing investment into promoting our national culture.
Tancoo says that despite a murder toll that has long surpassed the number of days already expired in 2024, and an advisory issued by the US Embassy in Trinidad & Tobago just over a week ago stating, “Exercise caution as there is potential for increased crime”, Prime Minister Keith Rowley continues to demonstrate his abandonment of good sense and his Government’s contempt for law-abiding citizens of T&T by refusing to implement any new and effective crime-fighting measures.

“At a crucial time such as this, when we should be attracting visitors into T&T, and attracting investment into our economy, this Rowley/PNM Government through their utter incompetence, have done the exact opposite” claims Tancoo.

This latest advisory, telling U.S. Citizens to “exercise extreme caution in the areas of St. Augustine, Trincity, Grand Bazaar and Valsayn due to recent increased gang activity”, follows an existing warning issued by the US Department of State in July last year, telling US nationals to “reconsider travel to Trinidad and Tobago due to crime” and which, despite the current Carnival season, prohibits US Government personnel resident in T&T from venturing into parts of the capital city, including the interior of the Queen’s Park Savannah.

According to Tancoo, these many warning signs were evidently not sufficiently serious for the Prime Minister and his Government to immediately address this festering issue of crime. Now, global energy giant BPTT, with a presence in T&T for over half a century and currently responsible for fifty percent (50%) of T&T’s total gas production, yesterday announced a very sombre halt to its plans for partnering with the National Carnival Commission (NCC) in establishing a pan performance centre.
BPTT rescinded its decision to create the said space, opposite its head office overlooking the Queen’s Park Savannah which, according to the media, “intended to showcase free live performances from local steel bands, as well as other aspects of this country’s culture” as a result of escalating crime, in particular, “an uptick in gun-related incidents in Port of Spain and environs which has resulted in the death of a number of persons.”

Responding to this, MP Tancoo said, “While the Prime Minister and his Cabinet continue to focus on their pipedream of new energy acquisitions, Dr. Rowley has clearly abandoned seeking the interest of long-standing major investors such as BPTT, who share the Opposition’s concerns over the current state of crime and criminality affecting the citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.”

“It is both sad and unfortunate that this day has indeed arrived, where any investment into our precious culture, showcased to the world mainly through our Carnival, would be foregone, leaving the citizens of T&T to suffer because of the arrogance of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, refusing to walk the path of humility to meet jointly with the UNC in order to collaboratively discuss immediate and tangible plans towards addressing serious crime in Trinidad and Tobago.”

MP Tancoo, who is also Chairman of the United National Congress advised that “the UNC will once again stand in the gap to protect our citizens from the activity of criminals and the criminal inactivity of the Government. As such, we will be holding the first of several public anti-crime discussions on Monday 15th January at 6:30pm at the La Joya Complex in St. Joseph. With crime costing this population our lives, our sense of security, business, investment and now cultural development, it is clear that this PNM government has failed the population and is unfit to lead.”


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